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About us


is a limited edition fashion brand from Austria, which brings motifs from various artists from all over the world such as tattoo artists, graphic artists, sprayers, photographers, illustrators and many more onto textiles.

The motifs of the respective artists are printed on textiles such as T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters using digital printing or DTF transfer. The motifs are printed a maximum of 34 times per motif in a limited edition, regardless of the item of clothing. A production number is printed with each print, which gives the textiles a special feature and increases their value.

The Evilseven brand itself also sells textiles, but these do not have a limited edition and can be purchased at any time.

Evilseven promotes its garments on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. The link in the social media platforms can be used to access the store.

Why you should choose us!

Evilseven is a brand that brings artworks of different artists to other people, and also offers them a platform to make themselves known.

We offer artists and collectors a way to showcase their artwork, increase the value on the textile and make it more durable.